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Gifts From the Authors:

Gift 1: Exclusive Global Citizenship Training

A video produced by the Lincoln Center for Ethics in Global Management and Thunderbird for Good discussing the importance of global citizenship and how individuals and organizations can ensure they serve society through their work.

Gift 2: Global Mindset Video Training

A video training from the world's leading thinker on the Global Mindset, Thunderbird Professor Mansour Javidan. In addition, discounted access to the Thunderbird Global Mindset Inventory tool that will help you understand your strengths and areas of potential improvement for developing a global mindset.

Gift 3: Sample Class From Thunderbird Online

Access to a sample class from our online training and certificate programs around global leadership. These programs cost students thousands of dollars, but you’ll get a sample class as a thank you for buying the book.

Instructions on receiving the above gifts will be emailed to you on or before April 24th, 2012

Gifts From Our Partners:


Heather Picken      

Millionarie Mindset Breakthrough and Client Attraction Secrets             

Enter to Win a Millionaire Mindset Breakthrough Session, $500 Value

PLUS: Receive a FREE audio 30 minute powerful audio program Secrets on How to Attract Clients and Remove Your Money Blocks, $47 Value    


Barry Maher          

Free Chapter          

A free chapter of Filling the Glass by Barry Maher, a book that was honored as "[One of] The Seven Essential Popular Business Books" by Today's Librarian magazine. Translated around the world, it's extraordinarily readable and entertaining, yet so rich in content it's recommended reading at places like Columbia Business School.


Lisa Bloom             

Free e-Book and Business Breakthrough Coaching Session                

Lisa Bloom, founder of Story Coach Inc. helps entrepreneurs and small business owners beat overwhelm, stress and discomfort with marketing to find confidence, attract ideal clients and make more money by finding their success story. 
Lisa is offering her ebook "Using Stories to Get Great Clients' and a transformational "Business Breakthrough"Story Coaching Session ($300 Value) where you'll uncover the challenges that are jeopardizing your business success, de-stress your markeing and leave the session re-energized to make your business highly profitable.  You'll move from anxiety to authenticity, from stress to simplicity.  It IS personal and it's all about the story you tell!


Powerful You! Women's Network         

Transform Your Business with Powerful You!

Transform Your Business with Powerful You! Women's Network. Enjoy this gift of 12 MP3's created to make your business the profitable, smooth-running, fulfilling venture you desire. Designed especially for Conscious Entrepreneurs and Heart-Centered Business Professionals, these experts share secrets to catapult your business as you maintain your integrity and values along the way.               


Gina Mollicone-Long             

Breakthrough to Greatness - How to Stop Making Excuses and Generate RESULTS in Your Life
17 page downloadable report

Have you ever wanted more from your life?

Have you ever felt you were capable of achieving better results?

Wouldn't you agree that getting what you want in life is really, really important?

Wouldn't you like to become more successful? Wouldn't you like more money? Better business results? To lose weight for good? To be really healthy? To be happier? To build stronger relationships with your friends and family?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to get your free copy of Breakthrough to Greatness - How to Stop Making Excuses and Generate RESULTS in Your Life

And for a limited time, she has a special gift for you that is only available once you download the report. Worth $99, this gift will put you well on the way to getting the results you want and deserve in your life.


Tambra Harck        

The Power of Discernment & The Art of Decision Making     

Discover three clear, simple steps to making decisions... big, complex decisions as well as the simple, but somehow persistent decisions you face all day, everyday. Once you learn to use this tool, you'll experience more ease and clarity in decisions making for all areas of your life, business, relationships and goals.     


Larry Crane                            

I'm on a mission to show you how to have financial freedom and live the lifestyle you deserve

Will you accept $3,125.00 worth of free gifts from me (including unlimited personalized telephone support) if I can guarantee I can help you get rid of all of your financial and health problems?

My name is Larry Crane. I'm a self-made millionaire, researcher, best-selling author, and teacher. I'll show you how to get rid of your limitations with ease.

I'll show you how to naturally (without struggle) enter into a blissful state of peace where you'll automatically start receiving more abundance and positive experiences in all areas of your life.

Right away, I'll give you a free seminar interview, demonstrating to you how this system works. It can change the entire rest of your life for the better.


Cece Suwal and Mark Brener

Your Key to Money, Power, Love, and Success  

Get the first three chapters of A Guide to Your Supreme Power and learn how to:
•Have as much money as you want; and have the mindset that allows you to fully enjoy it.
•Eliminate needless fear, defeat, anxiety, worry, and failure forever.
•And much more…it’s all inside these pages.


Georgina Terry       

Business Success Guide      

This business success guide provide information on ten important areas you need to focus on when starting and growing your dream business and  becoming a successful entrepreneur!   



Amy Flynn         

Increase Your Money Flow with Powerful Money Reiki Healing!

Money Reiki Healing balances and strengthens your energy system in the area of money.   You will move easily from stuckness and struggle to flow and ease in the area of money in your life!  Everything is energy and everything vibrates, including money.  In this healing you will receive powerful energy that aligns you with the vibration of money. The energy  heals your money issues while it benefits the planetary vibration around money as well.

You will also receive the Instant Joy Process audio mp3 to keep your vibration high so you stay aligned with the abundance you wish to receive!


Connie Nicholas     

Getting Rich In America          

Why is it that most people never become wealthy?
What does it really take to make the shift from being an "ordinary" person to becoming a wealthy person instead? You'll find the answers in my empowering book, Getting Rich in America.


BodyVision Health Coaching  

8 Weeks to Wellness             

8 Weeks to Wellness: A Step by Step Guide on How to Create Effortless Healthy Habits and Unstoppable Motivation



Pamela Jo McQuade               

Spirituality is Sexy~Mindful Meditations CD            

Spirituality is Sexy is delighted to present to you two guided meditations that will take you on a brilliant journey of transformation. The Chakra Cleanse and Balance will take you on a graceful stroll through your seven sacred chakra centers. These multifaceted hues of the rainbow will clear, open and perfectly balance your spiritual power centers so that you may move forward self assured in your quest to uncover your inner beauty and richness. In the second mediation you will embark upon a journey into the Garden of Eden where you will be aligned to the rose hewn road of the golden realms and venture into a sacred sanctuary of enlightenment. 



Teri Williams          

Celebrate your creative essence          

Live the life you were born to live with the Blissness Plan© - a 12 step program designed to keep you IN your habit - the habit of BLISS! With this guide tape in to your creative essence by mapping your blissful life - create opportunities for more moments of bliss in your life!     


Marilyn Strong        

You CAN get Paid to Pay Attention.

Two free chapters of “Getting Paid to Pay Attention”. Transform your struggling business into a vibrant success by tackling the ADD/ADHD characteristics of procrastination, distraction and hyper-focus that causes Business A.D.D. Psychiatrist Dr. Edward (Ned) Hallowell, Adult ADHD expert says that “Marilyn Strong's honest, human approach to conquering common business challenges sets this book apart from the rest.”


Matthew C Cox     

Free Excerpt from Complete Peace of Mind Training

In this 18 minute recording by Matthew C Cox, you’ll hear a story about PTSD, angels, and an almost unbelievable series of synchronicities.




Gitie and Ron House             

Understanding Birds In Nature               

From A Wild Bird's Heart Gift Package includes:

- 9 Amazing Insights Into Wild Bird Culture -  (with true stories )
- Five Keys to Friendship with Wild Birds - A Quick Start Guide
- Wild Bird Talking ezine




Sheryl Cox           

Wallpaper Gift from Sheryl Cox             

Sheryl of Sharing Light loves to photograph light in various forms. You may choose between two such photos to brighten your computer background: Feel the warmth of Sunbeams that won’t be held back by the clouds or smell the aroma of a vivid Sunflower!         


Douglas Holzmeier

Sign up for the You Are God's Best Idea!

Daily Epigram and Undeniable Life Coach Lesson and you receive an inspirational email every day of the year - featuring the wit and wisdom of (Balboa Press/Hay House) author Douglas Holzmeier.
Every new subscriber also gets my new eBook "You Are God's Best Idea! The Undeniable Life Coach Lessons. " and free access to Part 1 of my recorded seminar. The eBook and 90 minute seminar recording is guaranteed to raise your consciousness and help you manifest more Abundance – Peace – Happiness – Understanding - Light – Joy and Love by recognizing and accepting  the Power that is inherent in your Divinity.

Register now! It's a free coaching lesson every day of the year plus Part 1 of the YAGBI Live Seminar and 50 page eBook - "You Are God's Best Idea! The Undeniable Life Coach Lessons.

TOTAL VALUE OF YOUR Gifts: $597 and Tal Shai

'Soul Guidance' Coaching Program  from & Tal Shai

Need guidance, inspiration or support to move through those inner and outer obstacles that are keeping you stuck, in fear or 'in a rut'? Want direct access to savvy and spiritual  'Soul Guidance' from Intuitive Prosperity Coach, Tal Shai? If you're ready to clear your path to authentic prosperity, presents an ongoing coaching program designed to UNLEASH YOUR HIGHEST PROSPEROUS FLOW!


Liz Lynch

Liz Lynch's Smart Networking Toolkit    

If you don't have relationships, you don't have ANYTHING. Learn secrets that most people don't know about how to really make lifelong connections and build lasting relationships quickly, easily, authentically and automatically. The Smart Networking Toolkit will help you take the "work" out of networking.


Better Marriages

Developing a Marriage Ministry

Are you involved in a church that wants to have a positive impact on couples within the church and community? This resource provides practical steps for beginning or strengthening this important ministry. The authors, Greg and Priscilla Hunt, have served congregations for more than 30 years. They are available for consulting, speaking and training.


Rhonda Joy Eagle  

Discover Your Soul Song” E-Book and FREE “Soul Discovery” Session"

"Soul Discovery, Soul Recovery"  Empowerment session!

Rhonda Joy Eagle is a body/mind therapist, specializing in the treatment of trauma, anxiety and long standing physical issues, incorporating personal growth and empowerment processes. She has been in practice for 20 years, using a meld of techniques uniquely blended for each individual client. Rhonda is a member and dance chief of the international For the One Dance crew, geared to heal individuals and the land danced upon and has served in the dance internationally.
Rhonda specializes in connecting people to their own inner wisdom through individual sessions, group ceremonies and shamanic methods.


Brent N Hunter

The Rainbow Bridge: Bridge to Inner Peace and to World Peace

Free ebook of The Rainbow Bridge: Bridge to Inner Peace and to World Peace.  The Rainbow Bridge helps us become centered and calm in our lives no matter what is going on around us.  It is a bridge to inner peace and to world peace.  Learn about and be part of the movement for inner peace and world peace.


Spirited Lady Living

Raising Your Self Esteem      

I’m sure you know that self-esteem is the amount of value you see in yourself as a person. If you believe you have little value or worthiness, your self-esteem is likely low. What you get is a Raising Your Self Esteem e-book along with a 7 day E-course to keep your motivation level up and your spirits high!               


Kathi Casey

Top Twelve Stress Busters

An information packed special report from Kathi Casey, The Healthy Boomer Body Expert. Twelve simple techniques that easily fit into your busy schedule, don’t cost a penny and take very little time - a must have in today’s fast paced world! Stress is inevitable, but you can learn how to change your reactions to stressful situations and find some peace and calm in the storm. As a special bonus, Kathi has included all 4 of her guided relaxation meditation tracks as downloadable MP3’s. With four different time options, these lovely and relaxing meditations will help you relax anytime you need it and enjoy a more restful night’s sleep.


Tracy Lee Nash   

Intuitive Reading     

Recieve a 15 minute intuitive reading from international intuitive, medium and spiritual coach, Tracy Lee Nash for only $20.00 (reg. value $65.00)!


Body Spirit Nutrition

Complimentary 10 minute consult           

This ten minute consultation will give you a reading of your energy patterns with insight into how you can begin healing, both in the physical and spiritual dimensions.            



Theodore Henderson             

There is a Divine Plan for Each of Us    

Book excerpt for "The Wisdom Compass: Your 31 Days to Wisdom Filled Living" along with a special audio covering  "The Eight Compass Points" of personal transformation and nightmare free living.  The perfect package to put you on the way to positive change and a wisdom filled life.   



Hasmark Services  

Ten Invaluable Tips to Help You Promote and Sell Your Book               

Writing a book is a huge investment of time and energy but your efforts can’t stop there.  In order for your work to reach its fullest potential you need a marketing strategy that will get it out to the masses.  The marketing experts at Hasmark Services have put together a free report to help you do just that.


Judit Mueller-Kiss - CreativitySage™     

Seven Surefire Ways to Jumpstart Your Creative Thinking  

Do you want to create tons of original ideas? Solve problems quicker and easier? Be the leading force of innovation in your work? Get your creative power engine roaring using 7 fun ways I share in my new e-book: "Seven Surefire Ways to Jumpstart Your Creative Thinking". Get your free copy NOW!               


Change For Good

Change For Good - 3 Powerful Download Gifts

A Breakthrough approach to change any area of your life. We are pleased to provide you with three personal change products to help you make positive changes. Download the first track of our Get Your Ship Together - Be the Captain of Your Subconscious Mind series, plus download the workbook, too. Then download our 7-Minute Vacation self-hypnosis mp3 program and let go of stress.


Annie Lin

Fall In Love And Stay There!  

Are you ready to love and be loved? Still searching for your soul-mate? Sick of finding happiness only to lose it time and time again? Let relationship expert Annie Lin teach you the four ancient secrets of the Love Pyramid and learn how to make love a real, lasting reality today!             


Eileen Smith          

5 Free Minutes       

Receive 5 minutes free for a private phone distance healing and clearing or past life healing session.


Melonie Dodaro                    

Melonie Dodaro, author, weight loss coach and founder of MindBody FX offers her “Why You Can’t Lose Weight” (and what you can do about it) Consumer’s Guide where you’ll discover:

• 7 weight loss myths and how it’s keeping you from living the healthy lifestyle you want
• 4 misconceptions about weight loss programs that is costing you money, time, effort, energy – and even your health
• 5 deadly secrets the weight loss industry doesn’t want me to reveal
• 4 diet mistakes to avoid plus 5 steps to choosing a healthy weight loss program

Plus get The MindBody FX Lifestyle: Mastering the Mind-Body Connection for Permanent Weight Loss Book Preview and discover that food is not your enemy – your mind is!


Sherry Gaba       

Enjoy Your Copy Of The First Ebook Guide In The: Enrich Your Life Series "Eliminate Limiting Beliefs"               

This eBook will show you how to determine what beliefs are holding you back & how to take back control of your beliefs. Changing the negative into positive to experience immediate results.

Learn To Live Your Best Life Now!


Jackie Lapin         

And Increase Your Wealth and Abundance!

The Key is “Practical Conscious Creation”…
Learning How to Apply Law of Attraction/Conscious Creation Principles on a DAILY Basis!

Grab this Free “Wealth and Prosperity” Chapter from the Hottest New Book of the Year!

How often do you REALLY remember to engage the Law of Attraction and Conscious Creation? Now there’s a book that helps you incorporate these practices into EVERY SINGLE DAY! Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques for Manifesting Your Desires by Jackie Lapin--world leader in educating, mentoring and coaching people on Practical Conscious Creation-- takes Conscious Creation down to the cellular level—charging each day with Practical Conscious Creation wisdom--employing this powerful form of inspired thought in all actions, decisions, and routines. A methodology for reenergizing and reempowering your daily experiences, making them the engine for the change you intend. Filled with specific and imaginative practices, Practical Conscious Creation offers 70 articles with step-by-step actions to achieve greater empowerment and a more satisfying lifestyle.

Now you can have the Wealth and Prosperity chapter of Jackie Lapin’s Practical Conscious Creation free with this download!


Lori Howard          

Career Transformation Breakthrough    

Lori Howard, founder of, helps mid-career professionals who feel tired and burnt out in their job to find a career they love, one that feels more like a calling.

Lori is offering her report "5 Signs It's Time to Change Careers" and a  Career Transformation Breakthrough Session ($200 value) where you will learn the signs of career burn out, uncover the challenges that sabotage your job fulfillment, see your vision for your ultimate career dream, and leave the session re-energized to take the leap to make your career highly satisfying.


Nancy Brook          

Your bonus gift – FREE preview of the memoir that has been called the next “Eat, Pray, Love.

With “Cycling, Wine, and Men: A Midlife Tour de France” you’ll journey across France—and within your heart and soul. Discover how pursuing passions and fulfilling lifelong dreams can transform a life.


Dr. Laura Dessauer

Do you want to raise a confident and compassionate child?

I'm Dr. Laura Dessauer and I'm going to share with you my insider secrets to creatively help your child find positive ways to manage their meltdowns, shutdowns, and tantrums so they can confidently communicate their feelings.

Receive a free audio mini-course Secrets Your Kids Really Don't Want You to Know: A Child Art Therapist Tells All*(except for the confidential stuff).




Sherri Carter        

Discover the Universal Law of  ACTION

Receive a FREE Introduction Chapter of Live Your Intentions, the Power of Action from best selling author Sherri Carter, MS. If you are ready for a refreshingly pro-active approach to changing your life experience using Universal Principles, learn how you can start living the life you desire NOW through the Power of Action!  


Nicky Highlen    

The Wonder of Being Meditation            

Meditate with The Wonder of Being where you see everything as fresh and new, letting go of tension and stress as you view the world from a new perspective.


Christy Whitman    

Magnetizing Yourself!            

Learn how to turn on your money magnet and magnetize whatever you desire by learning how to work with energy. This is an advanced meditation technique that will help you turn what you want from energy into matter.  


Dr Joe Rubino        

Acclaimed TV Video, Self-Esteem Mini-Course and Success Club Membership ($129 Value) from Dr. Joe Rubino, One of the World’s Foremost Experts on Self-Esteem Elevation

In this hard hitting, insightful hour long television interview, Dr. Joe Rubino, one of the world's leading life optimization coaches and experts on self-esteem elevation speaks about the secrets to creating one’s best life. You’ll also receive a free audio “7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem” and free Success Club Membership. ($129 Value – Yours Free!)


Danny Pettry        

$5 Off "Building Character" children's book.          

(Ages 7 to 12). Do you want your child to have outstanding character? “Building Character” teaches 15 lessons using colorful pictures of animals. Lessons include: acceptance, generosity, empathy, and more. This is a great book for any child or classroom. You like pictures of cute animals, right? Get yours today!        




Joan Schaefer      

Free Teleclass on Health Coaching       

On this 90-minute live teleclass you will experience the Health and Wellness Wheel exercise in a Health Coaching session, learn how you can become a Professional Health Coach working over the internet and telephone, and see a web-tour of the Virtual Coaching Office that helps easily manage hundreds of clients at a time. 


Dr. Jennifer Howard             

Tips on Goal Setting & Guided Meditation              

Tips RECEIVE A FREE MP3 of Dr. Jennifer’s latest teleconference "Tips on Goal Setting + Guided Meditation" and her FREE E-Zine“Changes that Last.”




Dr. Irina Koles         

FREE 5 Day Mini Email Course

The Top 10 Tips To Achieve Your Goal of Reducing Weight

“People with goals succeed because they know where they're going”

-Earl Nightingale

This course will organize your thoughts, make your goal clear and take you closer to the results. Discover how to set your goal correctly and timely, how to stay motivated, how to celebrate your achievement and keep your results!


Sophia Paul         

Free Chapter          

Free chapter of “It’s not about putting your foot behind your ear, an inspiring journey of transformation through Yoga”   



Rosalie B. Kahn      

Free Book Excerpts - Personal Growth Tool Kit    

Finding love is not easy in a world filled with chaos and uncertainty. Rosalie's exclusive gifts provide a personal growth tool kit for healing your heart. With three excerpts from "My Healing Heart," you will have a valuable guide to working with your dreams, meditating, and learning how to forgive.


Paul Cika Emekwulu

The Dreaming Mathematician

Goal Setting for Little Guys    

“Goal setting is the key to success in every area of life and Paul Emekwulu has written one of the most important books on the subject. Anyone who applies these timeless ideas and principles can dramatically improve his or her life.”

- Brian Tracy, President, Brian Tracy International        



Well Beyond Cravings            

Feel Great & Lose Weight      

The "Feel Great & Lose Weight" ebook will help you stop sugar cravings, emotional eating and overeating! You'll be one step closer to reclaiming your body, mood, energy...and life! Learn how cravings are the doorway to having the body & life you Crave.  


Doris Helge, Ph.D. 

Stop Struggling! Enjoy deep sleep now! (Gift package. Value $177)

Sleep . . . without consistent deep sleep, you won't be able to enjoy your life or accomplish your goals. Let this lovely mp3, “Deep Sleep Now” and the fact-filled ebook, “Want to Sleep Better?” immediately calm and relax you. Bestselling author, Dr. Doris Helge, is Your Joy & Success Coach.


Peggy McColl          

Your Bonus Gift from New York Times Best Selling Author Peggy McColl "THE QUEEN of MANIFESTATION"

Discover How To Begin Creating The Life Of YOUR Choosing Almost Immediately...It really doesn't matter whether you dream of attracting your ideal soulmate, creating greater wealth, living in a new home, finding a better job, or taking your business to the next level...Here's your chance to learn from one of the truly great manifestors of positive change in this all-new online presentation you're sure to look back on as a turning point in your life - and it's FREE!


Julie Joyce             

Cancer Prevention & Recovery Audio Class         

FREE Audio Class: The Power To Prevent Cancer. This health empowering audio class explains in easy terms what cancer is, how it develops, the causes of most cancers and easy lifestyle and dietary activities that can dramatically reduce the risk of Cancer development and growth.               


Felicia Bender, Ph.D.           

Redesign Your Life

In this practical guide, Felicia Bender, Ph.D., shares three key tools from the ancient art and science of numerology to get you on the fast track to making focused and meaningful changes in your life. Using the numerological tools of your Life Path Number, Personal Year Cycles, and Life Stages and Challenges, Felicia walks you through a step-by-step process for successfully making small, medium, and larger changes in your life.  Free Gift:  Audio Excerpt  


Maria Dempsey    

Magnetize Your Mojo             

Learn 7 Key steps to "Magnetize Your Mojo" and Create Your Own Magic and Magnificence.  Start practicing these to bring more positive MOJO to create the life you desire! Learn how to set your attraction factor on FIRE AND put the LAW OF ATTRACTION INTO ACTION.




Sheri Kaye Hoff   

Keys to Living Joyfully Telesummit        

Your FREE bonus from Coach Sheri is the mp3 recordings of the Keys to Living Joyfully Telesummit. The recordings consist of five hours of Coach Sheri as she conducts coaching and lifestyle interviews with experts in their field. Get inspired today. Value of over $400     


Shirley Knapp         

Intuitive Development Audio Program

Intuitive Development audio from Shirley Knapp; the first two tracks (30 min. / 160 min.) are your free gift. This dynamic audio accelerates your process of learning to live by intuition and sustain joy! Based on her book Sustaining Joy, it emphasizes developing skills necessary to increase your intuition. Truly an effective study in intuitive development!


Cheri & Peter John  Lucking

- Bilbo's Adventures Series

Santa & The Little Teddy Bear - Three Bonus Gifts for You! 

Soar with Santa & The Little Teddy Bear as they travel the world discovering the meaning of Christmas!  Enjoy 3 bonus gifts from the Lucking's - Excerpt from our original book SANTA & THE LITTLE TEDDY BEAR, sneak peek of our new release BILBO'S ADVENTURES:  A CHRISTMAS WISH, plus a 24 page coloring book.     



John Seeley 

Get Unstuck! Home Study course          

Deepak Chopra said "Get Unstuck is a great reference for anyone looking to free themselves from the obstacles in their lives." Use this simple home-study course by John Seeley M.A. to release the past and embrace your future.         


Cathy Lumsden    

Meditation brainwave entrainment audio               

E-brainsense audios use leading edge brainwave entrainment to achieve deep relaxation with ease, reducing stress, creating a healthy mind and body. All you have to do is listen and you are guided into meditative states that experienced meditators achieve.           


Gabriel Gonsalves 

Manifesting Love Free Video Series      

In this 2-Part Video Series, Love Coach Gabriel Gonsalves shows you how to Manifest your ideal partner or Soulmate using a very powerful, heart-based process.


McLean Meditation Institute

Excerpt of Soul-Centered; Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation

Read a lesson on developing compassion for yourself and for others, by author of the book, Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation. A new release from Hay House.

Chaney Weiner    

Breakthrough to Achieve 5 Lesson Training Course ($79 value)   

In the Breakthrough to Achieve 5 lesson training course you’ll learn: *The Number ONE Obstacle that Interferes with Wealth Building more than anything else which very few people are aware of. *Why you are doing things you don’t want to do and how you can start doing the things you love most. *The #1 strategy you must have in order to make quantum leaps in your life that very few people follow. *How to overcome the 3 tricks your mind uses to keep you stuck so you can start attracting more of what you want.


Michaela is a new age writer, poet, children's fairytale writer singer-songwriter, radio broadcaster. Her work is esoteric drawing on love and soul, to convey a message of hope and survival. Focusing and harmonious aspects of creation she inspires us with healing facets of our own existence as related through ancient studies. She has seventeen published books, and a mystical songs cd, and has hosted her radio show  Poetry  Music and Transcendence Radio show on various networks. Michaela is also a holistic coach. Been published in many magazines including the holistic print journals Light Bridges Magazine, and Recovering the Self, a journal of hope and Healing.  GIFT cd download of mystical songs, book of songs, and metaphysical short stories for children of all ages

Dr.Caroline Manuel 

Happiness steps    

Robust researched techniques to overcome stress and build better mental fitness on happiness tab of             


Women of Wisdom

Raising the Feminine Spirit

Receive mp3 of Judith Orloff’s Women of Wisdom talk “Second Sight”, Circle Leadership article by founder Kris Steinnes, award-winning author of the bestselling Women of Wisdom, Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women; Women of Wisdom song by Lorraine Bayes and more. Kris Steinnes is the host of the radio show: Voices of Women on Women of Wisdom Foundation’s mission is to raise the feminine spirit and transform personal and collective consciousness through circle leadership. 

Genevieve Kohn

Your Free Gift is an mp3 (audio download) on Finding Your Own Happiness With Mom-GOALS(TM)! (Value=$30)
We moms take care of everyone first. If we wait for someone ELSE to take care of US, we’ll be waiting endlessly, getting more exhausted, depressed, anxious and stressed by the day.

Of course we can’t give away what we don’t have. So start by taking care of you!

NOTE: This mp3 is not intended to replace advice or recommendations from licensed mental health professionals and/or doctors. This is intended to supplement such advice.

Get your free gift, Finding Your Own Happiness with Mom-GOALS(tm), here: (This can be used by dads too!)

Ann Morgan James

Introductory Chapter to How to Raise a Millionaire

Ann Morgan James is an author, speaker, and Jack’s mom. In the third grade, Ann’s son Jack was dealt a devastating blow. He was bullied in school to the point of physical violence. His self-esteem was virtually non-existent. Ann knew she had to do something to help him. She decided to help him start a business and through those efforts she rebuilt his confidence and self-worth.

She decided to help him start a business and through those efforts she rebuilt his confidence and self-worth.

After her amazing experience with Jack she decided to share her millionaire skills with other parents in her book, How to Raise a Millionaire; Six millionaire skills parent can teach their kids so they can imagine and live the life of their dreams.

Ann's no-nonsense approach will give you innovative ideas and approaching to parenting that will help you increase confidence and grow bully-proof self esteem in your kid. She'll give you usable and real life everyday tips to help you raise a kid with a millionaire mind.

Ann offers parents insights into how to give our kids the tools and encouragements they need to build a future they can bank matter that the economy throws their way.   

You can learn the insights of The Top 9 Modern Spiritual Messengers in the world for Free in the next 60 Seconds.

In this inspiring E-book, David Riklan, the founder of identifies and describes the 9 most important Modern Day Spiritual Messengers and their messages. He brings you details about their lives, their background, their messages and the best place to get started learning about each of them.


Susan Campbell   

Building Unshakeable Self-Confidence with Dr Susan's Getting Real Skills 

Dr Susan will reveal the one thing that blocks people from having the life of their dreams. Then she shows us how to work with this block in a way that results in permanent healing and unshakeable self-confidence and self-esteem.


Leona La Perriere 

Say NO to Excuses and YES to Success!          

Staying focused is an important step for successfully completing your dreams and goals.  Leona is offering her FREE downloadable WEEKLY PERSONAL /PROFESSIONAL REVIEW SHEETS, a FREE 1/2 hour coaching session, and a FREE HEAR APPLAUSE! Success mantra poster.  (Value: $125.00)    


Linda Cassell  

Find your Right Livelihood Strategy Session   

Are you ready to  get your business back on track? Jumpstart your career?  Discovering your unique gifts is key!  Certified executive coach, Linda Cassell, offers a private get moving strategy session. “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do,” Rumi.