A thoughtful, instructive text on . . . the bold perspective we must adopt in order to create a future of shared opportunities and shared responsibilities.”

Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States

Like it or not, we are all rapidly “going global”, and you MUST know how dramatically this will affect our economy, your life, your family, perhaps your work.

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 In “Being Global”, Angel Cabrera and Gregory Unruh of the celebrated Thunderbird School of Global Management will take you on a fascinating tour of the globalization of our world. What do these changes mean to you, to your children, and to the world?

We all have to think  and BE global now!

Very soon, you, your family, all of us will have to think and act globally.

What kind of people will be leaders in this brave new world, and what sort of talents will they have?  What will our economy be like, the things we consume and how they’re made?

This is not just a book for business people. It’s a book that will fascinate everyone whether you’re working in a job that might be affected by globalization, or simply want to know more about the radically different world you and your family will soon be living in.

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When Thunderbird speaks, people listen:
about the authors, and why this is a must-read!

Aren’t there plenty of books on “our changing world”? Why should you care, and why is this the one you SHOULD read?

For starters, author Ángel Cabrera is president of Thunderbird School of Global Management, widely recognized as the #1 school in international business and frequently cited by U.S. News and World Report, The Financial Times, The Economist and other notable publications.

So you know this won’t be fluff. It will be information you need and can trust about where we’re headed.

In fact, The World Economic Forum named Dr. Cabrera a "Global Leader for Tomorrow" and chairman of the Global Agenda Council for promoting entrepreneurship. 

Co-author Gregory Unruh is professor of global business at Thunderbird, and director of the Lincoln Center for Ethics in Global Management. He is also the author of recent book “Earth, Inc.” published by Harvard Business Press.

When these guys speak, people listen!

What does it mean to be a “global citizen?”

More than 2,400 years ago the philosopher Socrates declared: “I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world.” In 1982, Ronald Reagan called himself a "citizen of the United States and of the world", and Barack Obama appropriated the phrase again in 2008.

All three were referring to the shared fate of humanity. Today more than ever, decision making that recognizes that the prosperity of one individual, firm or nation depends on the well-being of others.

Where do you and your family fit into this new world? How is your fate more and more inextricably linked to the fate of others? 

Will your career be affected?

Perhaps you’re in a job that’s purely local in scope. But for those who aren’t, the authors set out the challenges and opportunities globalization will mean for you.

How can you be effective in this new world? What new skills must you learn?

The book addresses leaders at all levels of their careers—whether in big business or small, in the private sector or government—who aspire to think and act globally, and who need some help getting there.  Cabrera and Unruh provide tools and guidance to help you develop the leadership skills you’ll need. 

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A video produced by the Lincoln Center for Ethics in Global Management and Thunderbird for Good discussing the importance of global citizenship and how individuals and organizations can ensure they serve society through their work.

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A video training from the world's leading thinker on the Global Mindset, Thunderbird Professor Mansour Javidan. In addition, discounted access to the Thunderbird Global Mindset Inventory tool that will help you understand your strengths and areas of potential improvement for developing a global mindset.

Gift 3: Sample Class From Thunderbird Online

Access to a sample class from our online training and certificate programs around global leadership. These programs cost students thousands of dollars, but you’ll get a sample class as a thank you for buying the book.


The amazing journey of your blue jeans

Let’s look at the way business is done today, for a moment. Consider the voyage of a pair of blue jeans, from inception to product release:
The cotton may be picked from Peruvian or Ugandan fields, shipped to China for finishing, and then sent to Malaysia to be woven into yarn. The yarn goes to Thailand where the fabric is made, and the fabric is cut in Singapore before it is sent to Indonesia for sewing. Labels come from India. Zippers from Hong Kong. Thread from Vietnam. Buttons and rivets from Taiwan.

And that’s just one example. In fact MOST industries—automotive, electronics, food and pharmaceuticals —have become inescapably linked across borders.

Countries linked economically become more and more linked in other ways too.
We’re all becoming world citizens!

A better world

There are a lot of benefits to globalism in purely human terms, too.

For example, more fairness to employees around the world, and beyond that, pressure for human rights in general that we all agree are basic.

Also promoted is a new understanding of one another as human beings who inhabit the same planet. You hear a lot of scary things about America losing its independence through globalism, but you don’t hear as much about the wonderful benefits we will see as we all move towards becoming a more global “family.”

What people are saying about “Being Global”

 After 40 years engaging with global leaders in shaping the global agenda, it is clear that global leadership is not an innate trait but the result of a long journey of personal learning and growth. The world needs more global leaders ready to "connect, create and contribute" and "Being Global" should serve as a perfect guide to jumpstart the journey."

Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman,
World Economic Forum

The world may be flat, but the road to the global marketplace is filled with potholes. Cabrera and Unruh provide the road map and driving instructions to make the journey a success."

Craig Barrett,
retired CEO and Chairman, Intel Corporation

Leaders in the 21st century need to be able to coalesce teams and resources across boarders and to listen with humility to ideas and solutions from other leaders from around the world, becasues they face global challenges like none ever faced before. The expereinces accumulated at Thunderbird and highlighted in this important book
provide unique insights as to how those leaders can be developed."

Jose Maria Figueres, former President of Costa Rica  

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